Seven Hundred and Sixty-Seven and a Half

I’m so excited to share this update with you guys! But first I’ve had a few people ask me how I decide how much to donate & how much I have left in the freezer for us! I typically fill up a grocery bag with the freezer gallon bags that are full of 6 oz packaged milk. The bags vary from 66-90 ounces depending on how they’ve frozen and how motivated I am to play tetris trying to fit them into the freezer bags. And to be completely transparent, I’ve been slowing down a little bit due to feeling like my supply was dipping a little bit. As much as I want to continue to donate and hit our goal of 10,000 ounces I always like to have the bottom of the deep freezer chest to have a least one layer of bags if not two! After these donations, we are down to one layer, so I will probably be waiting to make another donation till I can build back up our supply. I’m really excited because I just ordered some products from Legendairy Milk to promote milk production and nutrients! (The things that I’m excited about now ha!) I ordered Cash Cow, Liquid Gold, and Pump Princess! I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes!

Okay! Now onto our 10,000 ounce update!! It was two donations and the first was in the amount of 318 ounces went to a local mom who was so so gracious with me! We had been in and out of Urgent Care with baby Jax with a high fever (104.5 degrees! Scary as a first time mama and unsure of what to do!) We were supposed to meet this mama and due to a serious lack of sleep, I asked her if we could reschedule the pick up date. She said she completely understood & was able to pick up the milk a week later! I love all these mama’s who I’m able to meet through this journey! I also finally dipped into our freezer stash for personal use! After Jaxon’s fever came down, he had a rash all over his chest and back, creeping up his neck and down his legs. And even though it didn’t seem to bother him, I decided to give him a milk bath! I’m so amazed at what this stuff can do!!

This next mama I’ve shared with you all before and you guys I’m SO excited to share with you this update! Do you remember my first huge donation of 950 ounces to a couple adopting a little baby in Arizona? Well, they are home now with their beautiful little girl!! Mama Heather reached out to me and let me know they were running a little low & asked if I would be willing to continue to donate to them which of course, I said yes! She said hopefully she’ll only need me to donate until May, because SHE’S PREGNANT!! I’m not kidding when I say that I teared up when I saw her post this update on Facebook. An adorable picture of on Halloween of their sweet little girl wearing a onesie that said “Big Sister”. Oh be still my heart, cue the tears. You guys, I’m so thankful to have made this connection with Heather! It truly felt like I was seeing an old friend announce her pregnancy! I’m so so thankful that I’m able to continue to donate 449.5 ounces to this amazing family!!

767.5 Ounces!

Our total donations to date is:

3,673.5 Ounces

That means we have:

6,326.5 Ounces

left to go!