Don’t Mind the Mess

Hi friends! Since my last update, I celebrated my birthday. My last birthday in my twenties and by far the best one yet with my two favorite boys. Last year on my birthday, we were just a few weeks away from welcoming Jaxon into the world. It’s amazing how our lives have changed. I can’t imagine my life without this little bean!  Did any of you have a “Bucket List” of some sort that you wanted to accomplish before you turned 30?  Let me know if you did or do! Find me on Instagram: @simplydonebyallie and leave a comment!

Here in Minnesota,  it’s 3 degrees outside. Yes, you read that right, 3 degrees. I find myself unable to change out of my pajamas, put down my coffee, or get off the floor where I’m playing with Jax.  I was thinking last night as I very tiredly began to clean up our living room floor  how amazing it is that in just one day my semi-clean home can look like a tornado ran through here.  But then I stopped myself and realized that all of the toys on the living room floor mean that I got to spend the day playing with my son. We built block towers and knocked them down & pulling out all of his musical instruments, beating on the drums till his little heart was content. So even at the end of the night when I see more toys on the floor than any actual visible floor, I will be thankful. So if you come over in the coming days, don’t mind the mess.

We were also able to donate another 246 ounces! I know these usually get their own update, but it kind of ties in, because we were able to donate on my birthday!
Here’s hoping my supply doesn’t keep dipping & we can reach our GOAL!

246 Ounces

Our total donations to date is:

4,672.5 Ounces

That means we have:

5,327.5 Ounces

left to go!