Product Reviews

Creative title, huh? Did it catch your attention? Great! Now here come some of my opinions on a few products we’ve been sent!! So here we go!


First up is these Milkful Gourmet Lactation Bars. It’s no secret I’m pretty vocal about breastfeeding & pumping so naturally, I’m always on the hunt for healthy products that promote healthy lactation. There are no preservatives added and are full of natural ingredients that can help boost your milk supply. Full of 4-5 grams of fiber and 5-6 grams of protein these are perfect for me on the days that I work!
Ordering is made easy, which I love. You can order 6 bars, 15 bars, or have a monthly subscription. You can choose your favorite bars or get an even mixture of the three flavors they offer. And these, my friends, are yum. The three flavors you can choose from (in order of my favorite to least favorite) are: Maple Walnut, Blueberry Almond Coconut, and Chocolate Banana Nut. The Maple Nut and the Blueberry Almond Coconut were a little sweeter than the Chocolate Banana Nut and overall just had better flavor in my opinion. Will DEFINITELY be ordering more of my favorite, the Maple Walnut.
So the real question… have I noticed a difference in production or in my supply? I have been pairing this with the next product Earth Mama Organics Milkmaid Tea and I’ve noticed the fat content in my milk has increased. **Mama’s, that layer that builds up on the top of your bottles in the fridge? That’s a layer of fat! It helps keep baby feeling fuller! It’s recommended that you don’t shake the bottle, but rather swirl under warm water to mix this with the rest of the milk.** As far as production, I’m nursing Jax and freezing anywhere from 24-32 oz. on top of that per day. I’ve always had an oversupply, but I’m really thankful for these two products paired together to help me maintain my supply!
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Now onto Earth Mama Organics! This company literally has everything! Products to aid during pregnancy & postpartum. Products for mom & for baby. And of course, my favorite subject Breastfeeding! I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups of the 100% Organic Milkmaid Tea which is for AFTER baby is born, not to be taken during pregnancy. Though, they do have a handful of teas that you can take that are formulated for pregnancy! As previously stated in this post, have noticed my supply has maintained if not increased a little daily. With nursing AND pumping, being able to freeze away 24-32 extra ounces as well as still feed my little man, I’m glad these products are helping me maintain my supply!
I received three boxes of tea, each have 16 individual bags of tea inside. This tea is caffeine free, so I usually drink one cup in the morning and one before bed. Now being a religious coffee drinker, I’m not opposed to tea. I’m not in LOVE with the taste of this tea, but I do think it has a good balance of not being too sweet & too earthy.
The other product they so generously sent was their Organic Nipple Butter and I WILL be purchasing this! I’ve tried other creams, but this one is hands down the best I’ve tried. Now, not to be too personal, but I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any cracking or rawness in this area, but sore. When I used the Nipple Butter, I felt immediate relief. And, added bonus, you don’t have to wipe it off before baby nurses! Nothing else to say about this, except it is totally worth it!


Alright, onto product number three. And how freaking cute are these moccasins? Sweet N Swag sent us their Moxfords in Princeton- Brown and I’m obsessed. There are four styles to choose from and an abundance of colors. Why I love them? They STAY ON JAX’S FEET! I’ll admit, they were a little tough to get on, but my kid has chubby feet so that could be why. They didn’t seem to bother him one bit, either! They’re perfect for this Minnesota Fall we’re about to step into!

IMG_2922 (1).jpg

Last, but certainly not least is actually a product we purchased. The spoon & fork from Grab Ease. I had seen a fellow mom on Instagram using these with her son. I LOVE that these utensils have a choke protection shield and they’re the perfect size for Jaxon to grab in his little hands. As a family who is practicing Baby Led Weaning, it was important that to us that he have utensils that he can maneuver. And he’s doing great with them! Definitely worth looking into as you start to introduce solids to your little one!

That’s all for now, friends!