Four Hundred & Eighty

I’m excited to share a quick update on our milk donations. I shared in a previous post that donations have become far & few between. I’m only pumping between 1-2 times per day now and have been having a hard time with it.  Mostly because it’s become such a part of my day, my routine,  it also because it means my little man is getting older.

This donation went to a mama who I’ve shared about a handful of times. Her and her husband adopted their beautiful daughter and wanted to be able to give her breastmilk. I’m thankful to play a part in their beautiful journey. And even more excited as they are getting closer to welcoming another little one into their family in the next few weeks here!!! 

So here we go... 

480 Ounces

Our total donations to date is:

5.152.5 Ounces

That means we have:

4,487.5 Ounces

left to go!