Two More Months

Well, technically one month and twenty three days, but really, whose counting…… ME! I’m counting! Until now I haven’t been, but the race is on & before you know it, it will be wedding day!

While I’ve been on hiatus from updating this silly old blog, we’ve been getting wedding projects done, buying our house & raising the sweetest little boy who is now ONE AND A HALF! So many fun things to update, but we’ll focus on the wedding stuff!

I’ve been working on a few wedding projects and all I can say is thank ya Jesus for Pinterest. Can I get an amen from all my DIY-ers? I think I’ll wait to share all of the projects with you, but I’m excited to share in the future the tips & tricks I’m using to create some really fun things for our wedding!

I’m almost positive I’ve said this in every wedding post, but my saving grace in the midst of all this planning has been Ashley Skeie Events. Seriously, if you’re looking for the woman who does it all, holla at her! Not only is Ashley coordinating the day of, but she’s also our florist & I cannot wait to see what she creates!

Upcoming events include the Bridal Shower & the Bachelorette Party! I’m so lucky to have the best girls organizing everything, but y’all I am nervous for the bachelorette party! This mama doesn’t really drink anymore and we are doing a margarita tour. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So say a prayer for me! I hear a white outfit & drunk don’t mix well!

The last update I’m excited to share is we have our officiant! One of our good friends, who was originally a groomsmen, will be preforming the ceremony. It was really important to us to have someone who we feel has the same views & respect for marriage as us. We feel full on Monica & Chandler having a friend officiate. No, not really, well maybe a little. We are just so excited to have someone who we know and love be such a big part of the day!

So cheers 🥂 updates soon with all of the exciting events coming up!


How we Picked our Vendors

I’ve been doing onsite wedding hair consistently for three years now. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a hairstylist. I love seeing all of the venues, meeting different local photographers, videographers, make up artists, event planners, etc. So how did we choose our vendors?  

Let’s talk venue! I’m so fortunate to have an uncle who is letting us do our ceremony and reception at his hotel in Superior, Wisconsin: Barker’s Island Inn. There’s a lot I want to do with the space which is coming to life with the expertise of my amazing wedding planner! 

So after making a decision about a venue, I started be securing our Wedding Planner. In fact, I think I booked her first! Ashley of Ashley Skeie Events ( was for me, a no brainer. I’ve known Ashley since I middle school, if not younger, and have watched her grow this amazing business. She’s so incredibly talented and organized, I knew I’d need her help with this wedding! She offers a variety of packages and has amazing inventory I can’t wait to use! When discussing which package to do, I honestly assumed Chase would choose the cheaper of the two we were looking at, Day of Planning. He surprised by saying we should hire Ashley to do it all. That she is worth it 100%!! Of course, I agreed with him but was still shocked! Another huge perk of hiring Ashley Skeie Events? She does floral designs!! And she does absolutely stunning work! When we sat down to talk flowers she really worked with our budget & had so many ideas! 

The next vendor I knew I had to book was our photographer. I’ve shared a little about her before since she did Jaxon’s newborn photos, but guys... she’s AMAZING. April from Sophisticated Grace Photography ( is so fun & sweet. She had us laughing our entire engagement session. Her photos are absolutely breathtaking. I love that she tells a story & captures the little moments throughout the day. The most important thing to me was that we both feel comfortable and April truly makes it a fun experience, capturing such genuine pictures!

A big thing we’ve been running into is paying the travel fees for vendors. And believe me, I get it! I’m a vendor myself! But being on the other side of it I’m finding that it can be overwhelming. I found a DJ up in the Duluth area that came recommended by our venue as well as a Duluth wedding page on Facebook I joined! Pro Sound & Light Show is up in that area and had an awesome package that we just couldn’t pass up! They’ve been excellent with communicating back and forth with me so I’m super excited to work with them! 

I knew I wanted a videographer from the beginning. Some people have told me it’s a waste of money, but I want someone to capture it all on video. From the getting ready to walking down the aisle, I want it all! It’s something we  want to invest in. I’m excited about this guy we found in the Duluth area. His name is Noah and he owns 218 Visuals. He’s been so great in answering all (and I mean  ALL ) my questions. He’s at a great price point & offers all day coverage which was important to us. 

This next vendor was a difficult one for me to book. Mostly because it’s the part of the wedding industry that I’m a part of. Hair and make up! I was looking to hire just a make up artist and will hopefully be doing my own hair. I’ve worked with SO many talented make up artists, I knew whoever I booked would be phenomenal. I was lucky enough to lock down Abbi, owner of Styled by Abbi. She does such beautiful work. I think it’s so important to find someone who can do the glam make up and someone who can do the soft and romantic look! I’m excited to work with her on the big day! 

In early November, I got all of my bridesmaids together to go and look at dresses. I’d been looking online & had checked a few stores, but ultimately The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul on Grand Ave had what I was looking for. I don’t want to give away too much, because I think some of our wedding should be a surprise, but we went with a dress by Kennedy Blue. They had an amazing selection & the exact color I was looking for! And the best part? They were on sale! Can I get a “Hallelujah!!” So happy my girls didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg!

And this is where we’re at! I’ll keep you all updated as we continue to plan! If you have any tips for wedding planning send them my way! You can always find me on Instagram: @simplydonebyallie or shoot me an email here!


Seven Years Later....

I've always dreamt of how my wedding would be and now that I'm actually planning it, my expectations have completely changed. I'm so thankful that Chase wants to be involved in all of the plans, especially since I can't make big decisions to save my life! Being a hairstylist who does wedding hair on a weekly basis, I am having so much fun being the B R I D E - T O - B E!  

The Ring: Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

After seven years together, Chase and I have looked at our fair share of rings. I would drag him into the jewelry stores and try rings on while he stood there sweating. haha. I’m only sort of joking. Well we were coming up on our seven year anniversary and we’d just had our little Jax man and we decided to go look at rings again. This time it was truly a joint decision to go look together :) We looked at one store and just felt a little overwhelmed so we left and then found ourselves at Jared’s and had the best sales associate! She was so friendly and not at all pushy. I told her years ago we’d had a bad experience there and just wanted to look and not feel pressured to buy. She smiled and said, “Let’s just play then! See what you like!”
Now, after looking for many years at engagement rings, I thought I knew what I liked, but felt like I was starting all over again. I’d tried on EVERY. SINGLE. STYLE. She pulled out a halo pear with diamonds on the band & asked if I liked it. I mean, of course. It was stunning. She put a center stone in it and the rest is history. Chase said he knew it was the one when he saw my face light up. I mean, I’m pretty sure I would’ve looked excited with just about anything. There’s something so magical about trying on rings.

With our anniversary coming up a few weeks later, I just assumed Chase would propose then. Well, that night came and went and there was no proposal. Almost a week later was my first Mother’s Day. The night before he told me he had my Mother’s Day present in a Target bag he had. I asked him what it was and he pulled out a package of onesies. I was confused and said something like, “cool…” The next morning we were scrambling to get out of the house and I asked him to go change Jax’s diaper so we could head out. When he came back out, Jax had a new outfit on Chase wouldn’t let him turn towards me. When he finally turned him around, there our little man sat with a onesie that said “Hurry up and marry dad already”. I’m pretty sure I cried and laughed. There was no long speech that Chase made, I think he said something like “You can officially start to plan now”. Little did he know I’d already contacted a handful of vendors :)

So much of the planning is done, but so much still has to be done! I will share soon some of the amazing vendors we have booked!